Practice 5: Individual Education Program (IEP) Goals Directly Related to Securing Competitive Employment

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Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Kentucky Employment Files, Richard – Companion Animal Care Benton, KY

Students with intellectual and developmental disabilities who have a specific IEP objective related to competitive employment have a higher likelihood of becoming competitively employed after high school (Bouck & Joshi, 2012).

LoBianco & Kleinert (2013) found a similar relationship between the IEP and later employment for students with disabilities in Kentucky.

Creating IEP goals directly related to competitive employment:

Establishes a common vision for competitive employment for the student within the entire team, and especially for the student and his or her family.

Provides a mechanism for measuring progress to that goal, and for aligning transition services to that goal.

And for student with disabilities in Kentucky, LoBianco & Kleinert (2013) found that students stating their own plans for work was an even more important predictor – students need to set the goal for competitive, integrated employment for themselves!