Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS Plan)

If you have a special goal related to employment such as furthering your education or starting your own business, you might be interested in a PASS Plan. PASS stands for Plan to Achieve Self Support. PASS plans usually are used by people who receive SSI or who have concurrent eligibility (SSDI and SSI). In general, a PASS plan will allow you to set aside income (other than SSI) or resources to pay for expenses associated with achieving a feasible and viable work goal without impacting other benefits. This means that you could possibly receive a full SSI cash benefit while the PASS Plan is in effect.

With a PASS Plan, the work goal must produce sufficient earnings to:

  • Reduce dependency on SSI
  • Eliminate dependency on SSDI

❕ A CWIC or Community Partner can assist you with the creation of your PASS Plan.