Offer Presentation for Local Hospitals and Offices Copy

Grand rounds
Grand Rounds hosted by the Down syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City and featuring Dr. Brian Skotko

Most university teaching hospitals host weekly Grand Rounds where clinicians receive training on specific medical subjects. In addition, medical offices regularly engage in Lunch and Learn sessions with their employees. Your organization can offer to give presentations and share resources at these learning sessions, and your presentation can focus on best practices for delivering a diagnosis. You may also choose to train parents who are prepared to share about their diagnosis experiences in a constructive way on a parent panel.  

Lettercase Training Tools You Can Use: 

You can find templates for the following presentations on the Lettercase website: 

Eventually most advocacy organizations find that they build ongoing relationships where they are regularly invited by hospitals and offices to share their expertise and resources.    

Advocacy organizations also sometimes host their own presentations for medical professionals and may offer health symposiums or bring in national speakers, such as Dr. Brian Skotko, to appeal to medical professionals. 


“We maintain a list of hospitals with labor/delivery and go visit at least once a year to provide leave behind literature for professionals to use when presenting a diagnosis. We have also provided Lettercase materials to Maternal Fetal, genetics and OB/Gyn professionals at Lunch and Learn.” — The Down Syndrome Guild of Great Kansas City