Importance of trained medical outreach program Copy

Importance of trained medical outreach program as part of a local Down syndrome organization

  • Prenatal Outreach Representative training is offered so that representatives understand the organization and focus of the program. The training also instructs parents about how to act as representatives of your organization and how to navigate complex territory.
  • Importance of professionally trained parents for medical outreach and for parent-to-parent support: each person is representing your organization
  • A strong professional collaboration with health care professionals will ensure more positive, supported diagnosis experiences and more referrals to your program and growth of your organization and more families will be connected and supported
  • Share information on how referrals can be made to org for support for patients
  • Benefits of Training:
  • Key to credibility with health care professionals
  • Consistent standards for volunteers
  • Allows different opportunities for volunteer parents where they will be the best fit
  • Importance of specialized prenatal training
  • Grants