Final Steps for Completion

You are almost finished! There are only two items left to complete:

  1. The Evaluation
  2. The ‘credit request in ECE-TRIS’.

Each of these can be accessed, in sequence, by clicking on the “Mark Complete” navigation button on the bottom of the screen.

After providing the required information for the ‘credit request in ECE-TRIS‘ you must click on the “Submit” button.

IMPORTANT⟶ Submitting the information through the link will generate a notification to let us know that you have completed. We will then know to assign credit to you in ECE-TRIS. Credit will be assigned within 10 days of your completion (typically the first Monday after you complete the coursework).

PLEASE NOTE⟶ A completion certificate will not be sent. Your personal training record in ECE-TRIS will serve as official documentation. Once you have completed the step above, you will receive a confirmation email.

Thank You!