Learning Exercises

Many times, the use of activities in online training sessions goes under-utilized.  There is a misconception that if the training session is being offered online, it is then not possible to incorporate activities and exercises into the session.   

Learning exercises are a great way to ensure that participants are familiar with the content and have gained knowledge on the content.  

Examples of learning exercises can include: completing an observation of a child and submitting the observation form; completing a blank handout; taking before and after pictures of room arrangement; creating a video of different room arrangements in a childcare center.   

As with face to face training sessions, knowledge always precedes skill.   Whatever knowledge is shared must be paired with an opportunity for skill practice. Exercises need to be designed so that participant’s feel encouraged/empowered to commit to ‘changing their behavior’ back in their workplace. 

Exercises can be graded or not.  As the facilitator of the course you can make the decision what exercises will be graded/reviewed in order to receive credit for the training session. 

Considerations for awarding clock hours: Time necessary to complete exercises – any exercises that are required for completion of the training session can be included in this time. Be realistic a fill in the blank worksheet would only take about 5 minutes, whereas researching and completing a PowerPoint could take 30-45 minutes.