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This discussion board is set up to allow you to comment on the Pros/Cons of Different Types of Facilities. Please post two benefits and two challenges for each of the facility types that you chose to reflect upon. When you have completed your post, please take time to read through the comments of others. Compare their notes to yours and jot down any information that you feel may be useful to you as you begin to look at venues for future training.

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Karen (Group Leader) February 12, 2019 at 3:27 pm

Places of Worship:
Pros- Usually have a comfortable meeting space for adults such as fellowship halls
Often they do not charge for use of their facility
Cons- Sometimes a board has to approve what events will be held there and this can take time to get approval
An unexpected event such as a funeral could cause changes that affect the training event such as parking, hours of use, etc.

Well I agree with the space with a fellowship hall more room suitable for adults.
Yes you do have to get permission to use a hall because you don’t know what meeting are schedule, funerals services etc.

Holding a training at a place of worship could also offend or intimidate some participants.

Hans Petersen (Group Leader) February 25, 2019 at 2:47 pm

Child care centers –

workers can just hang around after center closes for the training
you have access to materials and furnishings that might be helpful to use in the training

workers may not want to just hang around after center closes for the training
cleaning staff may need to use the space

I agree it can be nice to use the center just in case you need materials for the training.

It would be nice when the center is close you will have time to get the training done.

Crystal Dahlmeier March 4, 2019 at 3:55 pm

The small child-sized furniture can be very uncomfortable for longer trainings. Also, child sized bathrooms are often difficult to manage.
It is nice to have materials at hand to demonstrate

I thought of that same con for Child care centers. It seems to be that staff are tired of that area and see it as a negative. They aren’t as able to shift their mind to the learning mode.

Priscilla (Group Leader) March 13, 2019 at 8:34 pm

The pros are true and it is easy for staff to eat and train.

Cons would be if others attend the staff do not mingle or take the training as seriously as needed and want to go home early.

april.brown2 (Group Leader) February 26, 2019 at 10:17 am

Pros: Can be free to use
Often have conference room separate with access to tables and chairs
Cons: Some are only available during library hours so no night training or Saturdays
May be hard to schedule around other events

Pros: Usually have large meeting rooms with tables and chairs
Convenient for conferences where participants may stay at the same hotel
Cons: Rooms may be divided with walls that can be opened up or closed where sound from the other side can be distracting
Need to be aware of what else is going on at the hotel or the community to judge parking, traffic, room at the hotel. etc.

Using a library is good because you can schedule it for evening, weekend and different hours.

You have the space for training and nobody will bother you.

Using a library is a good idea because you can schedule the day, time, weekend and room size that you may need.

There is enough space at the library if you need to bring materials for training.

you cannot stay after your time is up even if your not finished with the training.

Hotel can be a great spot to use too because it has the room.

You can set a date, time and the size of the room you need.

The bad part is you have to pay to use a conference room.

Priscilla (Group Leader) March 13, 2019 at 8:36 pm

I agree the pros are it is usually a nice size room, and the service of water is a plus.

The cons are it is always cold and even told to bring a sweater or jacket does not solve the problem.

Community colleges/schools
Pros – accommodate large crowds Cons – Too many people
Large space for group activities Noise level/side bars

Child care centers
Pros – Different choice of trainings Cons – Kid size furniture
Childcare available if needed Distractions

One positive of a school is you know you will have internet access for your videos if you chose to use them.

I agree with you on the con that colleges and schools are usually very busy and high traffic moving throughout the day or evening.

An added con for Community College/School can be parking, many campuses parking is an issue and participants may have a long walk to get to the training site.

Crystal Dahlmeier March 4, 2019 at 3:56 pm

A community college could be difficult for participants to find their way around. It can also be intimidating for those participants who have not attended college.
Pro – usually well-lighted with furniture that is fairly comfortable. May also have smart boards and video possibilities.

That is so true. Many child care facilities have limited adult sized furniture.

Yes , colleges can accommodate they also represent a place of learning & knowledge. Scheduling can be difficult.
Child-care centers represent the field for which we are training. The surroundings are familiar and also can help to share curriculum ideas.
Staff from that center might not take seriously the training and aren’t welcoming to staff from other centers and create rivalry.

Use Early Childhood Center
Pro: Training materials and equipment are on site and it is conducive to training a large group.

Cons: Sharing center will other district trainings or agencies.

Training at a center produces a familiar place with an environment that is comfortable.
A center might make the staff of another center feel not welcomed.

Pro – often have all tech needs met for trainer
Con – hours at times aren’t conducive

Pro – Great so staff don’t have to travel
Con – Sometimes lacking adult tables/chairs

Pro – Very little if any travel for participants.
Pro – Participants comfortable with the environment.
Con – Some participants can get easily called away.
Con – Too many distractions.

Community Centers
Pro – Can accommodate large number of people.
Pro – Community Center staff can help set up technology, tables, chairs, etc.
Con – The presenter is at the mercy of the staff.
Con – Difficult at controlling the temperature in the room.

bailey.hutchinson March 3, 2019 at 5:49 pm

Pro- Usually very willing to provide space and reserve a quiet room
Con- Having to schedule with outside sources and maybe having to provide directions/room number/etc. to the adults coming for the training

A con that can relate to any of them is having to lock up the facility after the training if it is an evening class.

Gwen (Group Leader) March 12, 2019 at 10:01 am

Yes, I agree!

College- Pro- A lot of space available for large training meetings. More resources may be available with a college. Con- The walls to divide break out session rooms are usually thin which can cause sound distractions. Also, you may have distractions of college students.

Hotel- Pro- Large meeting area for space and small rooms divided up for outbreak sessions with more thick walls to limit sound distractions. Con- The cost of the conference room and training area alone can be expensive separate from the hotel rooms if needed.

PRO-I agree that hotels usually have large meetings rooms and they are typically more private.

CON-I also agree that those rooms can be costly.
Could be lots of noise if it is a family centered hotel or if the room is close to the pool.

Community College/School:
Pro: technology typically easily accessible
Con: parking can be difficult

Pro: nice facilities, easy to access
Con: cost

Pro-lots of space for meeting and for parking
Pro-nice setting(heating/air controlled, seating, tables, possibly water and coffee provided)
Con-Sometimes the group size is large and it makes for presenter to share information as effectively of a smaller group.
Con-pricing for this can be higher due to the accommodations

Child Care Centers
Pro-comfortable setting for staff
Pro-Convenient for staff that work at the center
Con-relaxed setting can cause distraction or disinterest

Community Colleges/Schools: Pros: The furniture is the right size and usually accessible in different quantities. They will likely have good access for all abilities for parking, movement and seating.
Cons: The environment can be sterile and may not be stimulating enough for your presentation needs. You might have to arrange through the office and bureaucracy might be challenging.

Child Care Centers – Pros: Might have access to some teaching materials that you need for your training. Usually has good parking and accessibility. Cons: The furniture might be small and may be have an adequate amount of space or furniture for comfortable learning. May be concerned about disrupting someone else’s space and organization.

deborah.whitehurst March 6, 2019 at 2:56 pm

Community Colleges/Schools:
Pro: location is convenient and seating usually comfortable
Con: Parking may be an issue, difficulty controlling temperature of rooms

Pro: Comfortable seating and adequate parking
Con: Difficulty controlling temperature of rooms, often not convenient location (may be a longer drive for some).

Pros: Adequate space; bathroom facilities; media hookups available for slide shows, microphone, etc; adult seating; quiet space and enough Parking
Cons: Price of hotel spaces can be more than in the budget; supplies needed when demonstrating child care items will need to be brought in

Places of worship–
Pros: Adequate space; bathroom facilities; media hookups for slide shows, microphones, etc; pricing can be a pro depending on the venue chosen
Cons: Religious beliefs could be an uncomfortable situation for individuals; pricing could become a problem depending on the logistics; day care items would need to be brought in for demonstrations

Pro-Can be comfortable for seating and provide water/coffee if requested. (I’m all about coffee and water.)
Con- Temperatures can vary, can be noisy, and the internet can be off and on.

Meeting Halls:
Similar to above but I thought about how the equipment can be a pro or a con. You just never know and have to be prepared.

I am new to this area and am unfamiliar with particular churches, universities, etc.; however, I feel that the comments on this board have mentioned my most common experiences such as an unexpected funeral can mean that the church is suddenly unexpectedly busy.

I have found that hotels that do not serve food are usually open to food being brought in. For a full day training, it is advantageous to have a facility where you can serve an inexpensive lunch and only take 1/2 an hour for lunch. Of course, the hotel meeting rooms have the advantage of being adult sized as well.

Community Colleges/Schools
Benefits – Big rooms with desks and schools are usually easy to find.
Challenges/problems – It can be hard to get a school to let you use a room after hours. Depending on the location of the room, you could get lost in the building.

Schools: Pro :easy access for most, environment easily adaptable
Con : distractions, difficult to reserve the space if any is available

Community Center: Pro : easy access, could adapt to many sizes of groups
Con: May not have equipment needed, technology etc

1. Child Care Center
Pro–not cost to attendees; they are already there
Pro–access to classrooms and materials; “real world” setting
Con–attendees may want a different/fresh space for working
Con–Center may not have appropriate accommodations or space for a training sessions for adults

2. Libraries
Pro–usually a quiet space to work
Pro–access to books other materials if needed
Con–may be a cost
Con–may not be a library close by–attendees would have to travel

1) Childcare center
Pro- beautiful environment that may stir up ideas for those who work in similar environments.
Pro- May get teachers into communities they don’t usually come to.
Con- not enough adult seating, these environments are built for children.
Con- May not fee “professional enough”

pro-usually free and on a bus line
pro- has meeting spaces with technology accommodations and ADA accessibility

con- won’t have child materials
con- shared space with others in the public

Childcare Center:
Pro- ample materials for a hands on experience
Pro- staff wont have any additional travel to get to their training.
Con- there is no change in environment which can be boring and redundant to some staff members
Con- training is often after hours- which who wants to stay longer than their shift, or leave and come back to their place of work? It can make for a long day!

Pro- tables and chairs provided, perhaps already set up.
Pro- Hopefully a central location for many
Con- temperature control can be an issue! I have been in hotel trainings that were uncomfortably hot-but more often uncomfortably cold and I learned to bring a blanket!
Con- Environment can feel drab and uninviting which can make focus difficult

Daycares: Pros: Employees are familiar with location.
Cons: Employees may feel better attending a training in a different place.
Library: Pros: Free space
Cons: May not be a lot of parking
Schools: Pros: May have space to train.
Cons: May not be familiar.

Child care centers may not have the technology needed to host a training. Wifi can be hit or miss, doesn’t have a overhead/ big screen projector. May not have the capacity to host a training due to size. Child care center everyone should be able to attend if its after work– there are issues with not knowing where the location is or transportation.

Schools: Pro: cost, environment easily adaptable for large and small groups, technology access
Con : distractions (if students are in session)

Community Center: Pro : adaptable for larger groups
Con: Cost, equipment needed may not be available (technology)

Gwen (Group Leader) March 12, 2019 at 9:58 am

I think the best spaces for training are environments for learning such as childcare facilities and community colleges.

Gwen (Group Leader) March 12, 2019 at 10:03 am

Cons can be that folks may feel intimidated in both of these kinds of environments.

PROS – several options of room size based on audience; no cost; available technology (wifi, projectors, sound equipment); adequate parking; quiet space; accessible locations; staff assistance if needed.
CONS – Scheduling; parking, if multiple events are occurring; hours of operation could be restrictive.

Places of Worship
PROS – large spaces available (fellowship halls); adequate parking; low cost
CONS – scheduling; technology not always available; some require church membership to utilize facilities

-pros: easy to reserve, free, easy parking
-cons: may not be available, may not have large enough space

-pros: large space, easy parking
-may be expensive, may not have good acoustics or appropriate technology

Pro- usually easy to locate and near major instates for participants who may be traveling.
Con- price, and can’t control certain aspects of the room such as temperature or noise level of outside events.

Pro – typically free
Con – hours of operation

Place of Worship
Pro – usually large space, well known, free of charge
Con – some people are uncomfortable in a place of worship, sometimes you have to be a member to utilize the space

Pro – well known place, family friendly
Con – sometimes a fee is needed, sometimes loud or you can’t be loud at all

Asia (Group Leader) March 12, 2019 at 2:57 pm

Child Care Centers
Pro–free to use
Pro–participants are probably already familiar with the space
Con–May not have enough adequate seating for adults
Con–limited times available if business is open

2. Community College
Pro–large rooms
Pro–use of audio/visual equipment
Con–probably is not free
Con–no control of heating/cooling

Community College/School
1. Large accommodating conference/meeting rooms
2. Use of technology/equipment
1. Parking is sometimes an issue
2. Finding the location may be difficult for some

1. Large accommodating rooms
2. Sometimes can include meals/refreshments
1. Can be costly
2. May not be up to date on use of audio/visual equipment

Child Care Centers:
Pro- Participants/staff are familiar with the environment (not intimidated).
Pro- No cost to utilize the facility.
Con- Does not have furniture conducive to adult learning.
Con- Often is not equipped with the technology that may be needed for the training.

Meeting Halls/Community Center:
Pro- Enough space with adult size furniture.
Pro- Technology and Wifi available.
Con- Cost
Con- Operation hours may not coincide with training hours or not available during certain dates.

Stefani (Group Leader) March 21, 2019 at 5:05 pm

Child care centers:
Pro- In a space conducive to providing visual examples of content
Pro- Non-itimidating environment
Con- Staff want to leave the building after work
Con- Little/no tech usage options (projector screens, smart boards, etc)

Pro- Often easy to locate
Con- Reservation planning and approval processes
Con- May encounter limited flexibility in room arrangement

Childcare Centers:
Pros: If the specific training is taking place at the childcare center, employees attending this training will be able to stay at the location after work- very convenient for them.
Cons: Child like furniture and may not accommodate a large group due to space

Pros: Hotels always have a great amount of space to offer in their meeting rooms and guest can stay over night if they have to travel a far distance.
Cons: Usually on most evaluations from conferences and trainings , attendees complain of the climate of the room-too cool.

Sincere (Group Leader) March 26, 2019 at 3:32 pm

Child Care Centers – Pros: Staff may already be present and the training can get started on time.
Cons: The child sized furniture is not very comfortable and the center may have space to accommodate all of the staff to be in one room.

Libraries – Pros: Usually have a variety of different size rooms to meet your needs; the space is generally free and most locations have adequate parking/free, plus it is easy to get the space reserved. Cons: the location may not be easily accessible for all participants and in small towns they may close early.

Libraries are great as they are FREE and they will assist with any Equipment needs. Sometimes branch libraries are in locations where parking is limited, some libraries have very small conference rooms.
Hotels are great as they have huge meeting room space, downside to that is they cost money to use.
Benefit to hotel is also they set the room for conference and provide comfortable seating with bathroom facilities close to meeting room. Parking is usually ample at hotels. One negative to hotel space is they’re often located out of the way, on the interstate exits, etc.

A child care facility that can easily accommodate adults (i.e. a conference room or furniture that can be easily moved around, an outdoor space for breaks). It is helpful for educators to see other classrooms to get ideas and for trainers to have ready access to material to use for examples. One con is staff of that center may not enjoy spending time off at work and might prefer a chance of scenery.

Child Care Centers-Pros:Easy for staff to stay after work to continue with training. Centers can open up their location for others to attend training. Cons: Staff not wanting to stay at the location and small chairs/tables.

Libraries-Pros Usually have the technology needed for presentations and free to observe. Cons rearrange room from the previous session and parking is sometimes limited

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