Content refers to the information that is being shared.  This, generally, will make up much of the session.

Content can be presented in a variety of forms depending on what Learning Management System (LMS) you are using, and how you provide the information for the participants.  

Some ways this can be offered are through: 

  • PowerPoint/other presentation with a voice over 
  • A document where all information is read by the participant
  • A video of the instructor presenting the training session

Please note: this is not a finite list of the only ways that a training session can be offered, but some of the most common methods. 

Considerations for awarding clock hours: How many credit hours to offer for the content section will depend on how long it takes the participant to go through the materials. If using video recordings and/or voice over, the timing is generally provided for you via the length of the video/audio. However, if the participant is reading all the content, you will need to determine approximately how long it will take the participant to complete reading the course content. In general, the average reader will read approximately 150 words per minute or roughly 9000 words per hour. However, reading speed may vary depending on the content, and reading level of participant.