Build Relationships with Your Local Department of Public Health Copy

Your state department of public health can also be a valuable resource. State departments of public health often have web pages about different genetic conditions, particularly if a Down Syndrome Information Act has been passed in your state. You can reach out to them to make sure their websites include information about your organization and evidence-based resources about Down syndrome. Other organizations have reported the following collaborations with state departments of public health: exhibiting together at medical conferences, hosting webinars, working on state fact sheets about Down syndrome together, gathering data together, disseminating information via email and newsletters to medical providers, and facilitating the production of resources. 

Example: The Washington State Department of Public Health was very proactive in sharing information about Down syndrome with medical providers following the passage of their Down Syndrome Information Act. The WA DPH purchased patient education materials from Lettercase, funded the translation of the materials into Korean and Somalian, hosted webinars with the Arc of Whatcom County, and collected and published data about the utilization of resources. 

Training Tools You Can Use: 

State Down Syndrome Information Act Template by Lettercase and the National Society of Genetic Counselors