Adjusted SSI for Individual with Unearned and Earned Income

Now let’s see an example calculating the adjusted SSI rate for an individual that has both unearned (SSDI in this case) and earned income.

Marie’s Example

Marie is 52 years old and receives SSDI of $285 each month. She takes on a part-time job earning $725 before taxes. Here’s how her SSI payment is affected.

Countable IncomeExplanation
$285SSDI Unearned Income
– $20First $20 of any income is not counted
= $265Net Countable Unearned Income
$725Gross Wages
– $65First $65 of earned income is not counted
= $660
– $33050% of remaining not counted
= $330Net Countable Earned Income
(rounded up in this example)
$265Net Countable Unearned Income
+ $330Net Countable Earned Income
= $595Total Countable Income
Adjusted SSI RateExplanation
$9142023 SSI Benefits Base Rate
– $595Total Countable Income
= $319Adjusted SSI Rate
(rounded up in this example)

TJ’s Example

Try it yourself! TJ receives $325 in SSDI each month. He gets a job earning $840 before taxes each month. Calculate his new SSI amount and his total monthly income. Use the example worksheet below, look for the tab that has TJ Example.

For this example, you will need the 2023 SSI Base Rate, which is $914.