3.6 Application Activity: PowerPoint

 Important Information!

An application activity allows you to practice the skills you just learned. Please make sure you review all instructions carefully. Your application activity is manually reviewed by the Course Facilitator within 3 business days.

Satisfactory completion of the application activity is required prior to course being fully complete. The completion date for the course is the date that the application activity is satisfactorily completed. Once completed satisfactorily you will have the ability to print a certificate with the completion date and credit will be entered into ECE-TRIS within 10 calendar days.

If you are approaching your credential expiration, it is recommended to have all coursework completed and submitted with your renewal application 30 days prior to your expiration. This allows ample time for course feedback and resubmissions of assignments is necessary. Please reach out to the course facilitator if you have any questions.

Upload a PowerPoint presentation with at least four of the elements discussed in this training:

  • Inserted a picture
  • Custom animation
  • Inserted video (yes, the link will break, so describe in the notes section what video you used)
  • Edited master slide (be sure to comment on what you customized)
  • Custom slide show
  • Linked slide

Application Activity Grading Rubric

Element 0 Points 1 Point 2 Points Total Points
Inserted Picture No inserted picture Includes an inserted picture  
Custom animation No custom animation   Custom animation included  
Inserted Video No video   Video included  
Edited Master Slide No master slide changes One change to Master Slide More than one change to master slide  
Custom Slide Show No custom slide show Custom slide show created, no slides included Custom slide show created with slides  
Linked Slide No linked slide Linked slide that does not work Linked slide that does work