Training Method Implications F19

If you as a trainer continuously use the same training methods that you enjoy as a participant …

  • You will be at ease using that training method.
  • That training method will likely be successful for you.
  • You could get “stuck” using that training method too much and the result would be less interesting training.
  • You would not be meeting all of your audience’s learning needs.
  • You will need to expand your repertoire of training methods.

What should influence your selection?

The following four criteria must be considered and will influence your selection of a desired “training method”:

  • Training Outcomes
  • The Learners
    • Size of group
    • Experience levels
  • Practical Requirements
    • Training room environment
    • Time involved (prep and execution)
    • Materials needed
    • Costs involved
  • Advantages and Cautions to Consider of the Training Method

The more familiar and comfortable you become in exploring and implementing various training methods, you will realize how important each of these criteria are in making decisions regarding the feasibility with any given method.

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