The Transfer Partnership Su20 Copy

The responsibility and assurance of the transfer of learning does not fall on any one person’s shoulders!

It is a shared responsibility referred to as a Transfer Partnership and this partnership includes:

  • the trainer
  • the trainee
  • the director/administrator

It is a great thing to learn that not everything falls on your shoulders. But, as the trainer, you still hold the responsibility of making sure everyone understands their role in this partnership and supporting them in their role. The support you offer will pave the way for you to forge a true working partnership between participants, directors/administrators and yourself.

Watch this fun video of a trainer, trainee and director discussing their roles in the transfer of learning process.

Click on the boxes below each statement of responsibility to learn the role of each person in The Transfer Partnership, and write the statements next to the correct people in the Transfer Partnership diagram on page 3 in your Transfer of Training ?handout.

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