Scenario: Meet Linda

 A woman in a blue shirt is standing with her arms out. She stands in front of a walkway leading to an open door. Planted shrubs and a flower pot are behind her.

This is Linda. Linda lives in her own apartment with Personal Assistance through the Supports for Community Living waiver.   Linda never went to school but worked, mostly in part-time jobs, all of her adult life.  At age 66, she retired and receives a substantial Social Security retirement payment because she worked.  

Linda is a woman of few words but makes her personal preferences known when asked questions in response to a suggestion or request where she will respond emphatically with “yes” or ‘NO WAY.”  

For example, going grocery shopping, picking up supplies for her black bunny named Midnight, picking up art supplies for her crafting/art projects, spending the weekend and holidays with her friend Bonnie (whom she has known since 1996), walking to get her steps in every day, looking at pictures of friends’ FaceBook page, attending a work-out class at one of her staff member’s church, hanging out with friends who live in the same apartment building in the common area, and cooking with assistance in her apartment are all activities she enjoys. 

 “NO WAY” includes possibly having to go to the hospital (which she did after she fell and fractured her pelvis in April of 2020 and then for surgery for an invasive melanoma in her scalp in January of 2021), gaining back the 50 pounds she has lost in the last three years, wearing hearing aids (had a bad experience with one of the amplifiers getting detached and stuck in her ear requiring outpatient surgery for it to be removed), and when asked if she has ever smoked.    Like most people, she does not like change in her staff and is anxious about planning meetings as she is concerned it means something is going to happen.  

Using a person-centered approach to support her goals, decisions, and desires, we will ensure that Linda is supported to live in the community as a valued friend and contributing citizen.

Team Member Roles

Simon- DAIL Employee

Using a person-centered approach to support Linda’s goals, decisions, and desires, ensures that Linda is supported to live in the community as a valued friend and contributing citizen.  The more you know about a person, the better you are able to understand the person.

Linda has verbalized that she wants to travel to Disneyworld within the next two years.  Now that we know Linda a little better, let’s think about how we can use person-centered planning to help her achieve this goal.