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Within this second part of Training Aids, you will be exposed to many kinds of training aids for you to consider implementing in your training sessions.

You will need your handout accessible in order to successfully complete this section; pages 31-37.

Training Aid Types, Benefits and Tips for Trainers

The following activity provides you with an opportunity to carefully look at the pages on Training Aids in your FET ?handout and to reflect on one that is of interest to you. As trainers, we use many if not all of these and they can all be useful and effective if matched with the correct content.

  • Read pages 31 – 37 to learn about the types, benefits and trainer tips for the various training aids described.
  • From the examples provided, choose one training aid and write a statement as to why you like it and how you use it.

Think of one Training Aid that you plan to use, and in the comment box below, respond to the following:

1) What makes this Training Aid effective?

2) How would you use that Training Aid in a training that you conduct OR how you have seen it used by another trainer?

This is an ungraded assignment but must be completed to proceed.

Once you complete the assignment, you will have completed FET: 7 Training Aids. Please move on to FET 8: 3 Components of a Training Plan – found under “My Courses”.

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Why is this Training Aid effective:
Participants can look at the photo/pictures an evaluate and form an opinion about if its appropriate or not. A picture tells a story just as well as words.
I’ve seen this used by another trainer, I would post several pictures and asked the group to write down what they saw in each picture, another group I would tell them to write a statement about the pictures.

Training aids are good but don’t over use because sometimes they can be less effective if you don’t balance.

Training aids allows participants to share situations, discuss and their experiences.

Participants can look back at their experiences in the classroom and see their mistakes in a photo or picture where they or having a problem.
The training aids are positive and negative photos /pictures to evaluate and discuss. It gives participants that are shy an opportunity to open up and share.

Training aid allow participants to share thought and ideas

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