Handouts S19 Copy

To download the handouts for the course, please click on the course title below. We ask that you print out the handouts for and take notes throughout the presentation. Throughout the courses when you see ?, you will refer to the designated page in your handouts.

Note: At the face-to-face training you will be given a binder, complete with an index and printed tabs. We will have hole punchers available and encourage you to bring any of your pre-printed handouts to insert them into your FET binder at that time. For those of you that prefer to work in electronic documents you are welcome to download each of the handouts above.

Thank you for making the decision to pursue your Trainer’s Credential. The purpose of FET is to give you the foundation to become an effective trainer who produces quality training. Producing high quality trainings is vital to early childhood professionals so they can use what they learn to provide high quality care for young children. It starts with YOU!

Let’s begin by taking a look at what is required to become a credentialed trainer in the Trainer’s Credential Overview.