FIT Lesson 2: Communication

Giving full attention and responding thoughtfully 

•Reflection –repeating back what your child says 

•Labeling Emotions –identify and state what your child appears to be feeling 

•Using Gestures –touches, smiles, other nonverbal gestures 

•eye contact 

•putting down what you are doing to look at your child and listen for moment 

 •listening to really understand what your child is thinking and expressing 

•Reflection – Just like a mirror – reflect back what your child says! If your child is building a tower and says “I did it!”, you can: 

•Repeat back exactly what they said: “You did it!”  

•Put it into your own words: “You built the tower!” 

•Expand it without changing its meaning: “You did it all by yourself!” 

USING GESTURES: Nonverbal gestures 

•Gestures can be as simple as smiling, nodding, or giving a thumbs up. 

•Use facial expressions that match their feelings or the situation. 

•Touch can include hugs, pats on the back, and high fives. REMEMBER THESE IMPORTANT COMMUNICATION SKILLS: