Court Findings

Once an individual has been determined to be disabled the court will decide what type of guardianship is needed. 

Full versus Limited

It is important to note that the findings in a guardianship case can result in any combination of full guardianship, full conservatorship, limited guardianship or limited conservatorship. 

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AOC-795: Petition for Relief, Modification, or Termination

Two (2) months before a limited guardianship or conservatorship appointment expires, the guardian needs to complete an AOC-795 Petition for Relief, Modification, or Termination and file it with the court of jurisdiction.

Depending on the situation with the person under guardianship this form could be used to:

  • Renew a limited appointment for another 5 years.
  • Used to terminate a guardianship when it is accompanied by supporting documentation, proving that an individual is no longer in need of a guardian or conservator.
  • Used to modify a guardianship, such as removing a guardian and appointing a successor guardian.
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Helpful Hint: These dates can be tracked through the KYGFIS reports and/or other means – for example your Outlook Calendar, spreadsheets, etc.