Appointment of Council

Throughout the court process of determining if a person is disabled all parties involved are entitled to legal representation.

Representation for Respondent:

Guardian ad Litem (GAL) is an attorney who is appointed by the courts to protect the respondent throughout the court process.  Although they can be an advocate for the respondent, their role is also protecting the respondent’s best interest.

Council for the Respondent is the respondent’s attorney whose role is to advocate for what the respondent wants even if it’s not in their best interest.  If the respondent does not have a lawyer, the court will appoint an attorney to provide representation. The court will pay the lawyer’s fees if the court determines the respondent is unable to do so. 

Representation for the State:

County attorney will represent the state in process.

Representation for Petitioner:

The person who filed the petition (the petitioner) is not required to have an attorney but may choose to do so.

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