Writing SMART Outcomes S19

Now you are going to be introduced to SMART Outcomes.  SMART is an acronym and each letter is the first letter of a word that is a descriptor of how to form and/or analyze a well written outcome. The SMART acronym is a very helpful tool trainers refer to when writing Outcomes and an excellent way to check your work.  Do this by asking yourself: Is the Outcome I’ve written Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and can it be achieved in the Time allotted for the training? If the answer is “No” to any of these items, you will want to revise/rewrite what you have written. If you can answer “Yes” to each of those items-then you have written a SMART outcome!

SMART Outcomes

S: Specific – What exactly do you want participants to do?

M: Measureable – How will you know an outcome is achieved?

A: Attainable/Achievable – Can the outcome be realistically achieved?

R: Relevant – Is the outcome pertinent to the participants?

T: Timed – Can the training outcomes be achieved in the time available?

As a trainer, it is important to write outcomes that are objective, specific, observable and measurable. It is very important for participants, and others, to be able to measure their own learning and skill development, not just guess or make assumptions about their progress! True change and growth can be seen and measured.