Uses for Core Content Su20

These are some of the ways in which Early Childhood Core Content is being used in Kentucky.  In this topic, you will concentrate on the uses mentioned in the bolded statements.

  • Framework for trainer credentialing system
  • Rational for licensing and training requirements
  • Basis for development of training sessions
  • Structure for leveling of training sessions
  • Framework for sequencing of higher education courses and articulation of coursework and other professional development
  • Tool for writing job descriptions and staff evaluation forms
  • Framework for practitioners to assess and track their professional development needs
  • Tool for writing individual professional development plans
  • Structure for determining gaps and duplication in professional development opportunities
Adapted from: Center for Career Development in Early Care and Education, Wheelock College. Cully. N (2003). Linking Core Content to staff development. Lexington KY: University of Kentucky, Human Development Institute, Schroeder, C (2007) Using Core Content for professional development, Lexington KY: University of Kentucky, Human Development Institute.

Core Content tells us what early care and education professionals need to DO and KNOW in order to work effectively with young children and their families.

Core Content has:

5 Competency Levels and

7 Subject Areas