Training Facility Pros and Cons F19

Various public and/or private locations may be available in your community for consideration as potential training sites.

These choices may include but are not limited to:

• Community Colleges/Schools
• Hotels
• Child Care Centers
• Libraries
• Meeting Halls/Community Centers
• Places of Worship

Thinking about this list of common locations, consider two sites where you have either most often attended trainings as a participant or presented trainings. Try to remember those aspects of the facilities that you felt made them either good or poor training sites.

Adult participants in a child sized environment for training
Perhaps you have had an experience as is depicted here where it seemed like a good idea to have participants stay at their child care center after work, have pizza for dinner and knock out some required training hours, all while using preschool-sized tables and chairs during several hours of training. Such discomfort is certainly not conducive to adult learning!

On the Selecting a Training Location ?handout, on page 3, list the Benefits and Challenges/Problems in the columns next to the two facilities that you chose to remember. Star (*) the top two benefits and top two drawbacks for each of those two facilities.