Summary S19

To summarize, you should now understand the value of using an ‘Inch wide, mile deep’ approach where the trainer…

…Covers less content at one time!

…Covers existing content more deeply!

…Meets participant’s needs better!

…Contributes to a higher level of implementation!

….Has adequate time to process new knowledge through discussion with other participants, asking questions, etc.

….Has adequate time to practice specific skills and receive feedback, thus ensuring skills can be used in the work setting.

Ultimately, both trainers and directors want participants to successfully utilize the knowledge and implement the skills in their workplace.

You do not need to fret over past trainings that may have been overstuffed with too much content.  You have learned a new and more appropriate way to plan and implement training sessions.  What matters now is determining the amount of content to cover in future sessions and making sure the content comes from a single core content level.

Why does this matter? Because when the trainer plans to cover less content they can explore both the knowledge and related skills for that topic, in more depth with their participants.  Likewise participants have more time to process the information and practice the skills during the session helping to ensure their confidence in implementation back at their workplace.