Step 4: Where is the training to be held? S20

Step #4 of the 7 Steps to Developing a Training Plan is the “Where?”  It is important to know where you will hold your training.  When being hired independently by a program, they may have a location that you can use. If not you can ask for a convenient location and/or low cost option in the area. Your Regional Training Coach is available to assist in finding a location.

Once the trainer knows where the training will be held, remember it is their responsibility to learn as much about the site as possible. This is accomplished by visiting the site ahead of time, when possible, or talking with the site ‘contact person’ when you cannot visit the site.

In both cases the trainer would use the “Training Room Checklist” found in “Conducive Learning Environments” Handout beginning on page 3. Also refer back to previous FET lessons for important information about the physical environment for trainings.