Skills and Knowledge S19

Your next step will be to outline the content into two lists, one for skills/actions and one for knowledge.

To create these lists you need to ask two questions:

  • What must participants do to achieve the Workplace Outcome?
  • What must participants know in order to implement the skills/actions?

Asking these two questions the trainer can continue to refine the focus for the training, flush out nice to know verses need to know content, identify what should be practiced during the training session, and pin point what is expected back in the workplace.

Training Plan Worksheet

In your FET ?handout, please pull out your blank training plan worksheet (pg. 17).

On your Training Plan Worksheet, fill in the two columns, labeled knowledge and skills. Use the chart on pg. 16 of your FET ?handout to assist in completing.  After completion of these columns, please keep available for further use.