Results and Impact (Level Four) S19

Level Four evaluation measures the results and impact for children, families or for the overall program. That is the key to remember. If you can clearly demonstrate the level of impact a training has had on the overall program, a Director will feel they are receiving a return on their investment of professional development dollars. 

This information is captured after a longer period (i.e. 3-6 months later) allowing the early childhood program an opportunity to apply what the participant has learned back at the workplace.

Sample questions:

  • Are children healthier, missing less days of school due to illness?
  • Has there been a drop in challenging behaviors since the children are now more actively engaged in cooperative play?
  • Are BMIs going down as a result of better nutrition and increased opportunities for exercise during the day?

Results and Impact is measured around 3-6 months post training depending on the type of content and how long it may take to measure the actual impact. Clear pre and post measures are needed and again must be thought through weeks prior to the actual face to face training.