Renewal/Revocation of Credential S20

A Trainer’s Credential is not a lifetime credential and can be revoked.

Renewal of Credential

A Kentucky Early Care and Education Trainers Credential is valid for three years.  Credentials require renewal every three years; except for Level 1 which is non-renewable.

To renew, training hours are required over the course of the three year period.  For levels two (2) through four (4), trainers need 30 clock hours of training.

  • A minimum of seven (7) hours: “How to train other adults”
  • A minimum of eight (8) hours: Early care and education,
  • Fifteen (15) hours from other related professional licensure, certification, credential or any of the two options above.

How to Train Other Adult Clock Hours

To meet the renewal requirement for “How to train other adults”, trainers must obtain a minimum of 7 clock hours of training.  However, those hours can be on any of these three topics:

  • Adult Learning Theory
  • Affecting Change in Behavior
  • Organization of Training

There are different opportunities for the topics listed above.

Click here to learn more about these trainings.

Revocation of Credential

Effective July 1, 2012, revocation of a Kentucky Early Care and Education Trainer’s Credential can occur when a Trainer:

  • Falsifies a record;
  • Is in non-compliance with the administrative regulation; or
  • Does not preserve the confidentiality of training and trainee records

When a Credential is revoked, the individual may reapply after a 2 year period.