Process for Obtaining Trainer’s Credential F19

The application for the Trainer’s Credential is online.  There is no fee to submit your application. However, before you start the application we recommend you gather your documentation that you will need to upload to the application.

Gather all your documentation:

You can start your application and return to add to it at a later date.  To access the application, go to  When you initially enter you will hit submit but only initially.  If you save your work and return later you will then need to hit Search.  The application will ask for your personal information and the trainer level you are applying for.

Reminders when applying for a Trainer’s Credential

Once you are logged into ECE-TRIS, scroll down to Trainer Credential ApplicationEnter your information and either Submit (if you need to start a new application) or Search (if you have already started an application or need to update your information).

As you work on the online application you can also reach out to your Regional Training Coach with questions and assistance.  Be sure the application form is completed and all supporting documentation has been uploaded.  Refer to “Common Application Mistakes – Online Submission” on page 10 of your ?handout; it can also be found at

Once your application is finalized and submitted, the Trainer’s Credential Coordinator will review to make sure it is complete and will contact you if further documentation is needed.

When do I apply?

You can complete your application online as soon as you have completed all the required components and have your required documents gathered.

Fully completed applications are reviewed by a panel which makes a recommendation about your application. Applications may be recommended at a higher or lower level than the one requested. Their recommendation is then sent to the Division of Child Care (DCC). DCC has up to 30 days to notify the applicant of the determined recommendation via email.

It is extremely important that your email and all other contact information in ECE-TRIS be current. You will receive an email from the Division of Child Care of the determination.