Prepare Yourself S19

The first and most important step to preparing for a training is preparing yourself. 

Are you ready?

Is the room set up so that it will work best for you and the learners?

  • Set up the tables with ample space for each person.
  • Provide them with all necessary materials and handouts.
  • Set out a box of “just in case” table supplies including extra pens, post its, index cards, staplers, fidgets, etc.
  • Make sure the screen and any flip charts are visible from all seats.
  • Refreshments, if provided, should be in the back.
  • Check the thermostat. Is it set at a comfortable level?
Before & after pictures of training room set up
Before & after pictures of training room set up

Do you have all the materials you will need (handouts, props, etc.)?

  • Set out pre-counted handouts, any props or materials for easy access.
Set up trainer’s table

Is all your equipment working properly and do you have a backup plan if anything stops working?

  • Test out any tech equipment prior to the start of the training.
  • Make sure you have the WiFi password if required.
  • Bring a backup flash drive of your presentation just in case.
  • Test your videos to make sure they work.

Have you left any personal concerns at the door and are you ready to focus on the needs of your learners?

  • Training attendees deserve 100% of your time and energy. Do your best to handle personal business before or after your training.
  • Develop a trainer self-care routine that helps you relax and mentally prepare for the day (deep breathing, certain type of music playing, etc.). Make sure that you have water close by when presenting.

Have you reviewed your training plan and presentation to refresh yourself on the content and pacing of the training?

  • Taking time to read through your training plan and brush up on the content the day before will ease your mind and boost your confidence on the day of the training.
  • Be sure to get a good night’s rest and eat a balanced meal in the morning.

Is your registration table ready with ECE-TRIS sign in sheets, name-tags and special instructions?

  • Having a registration table near the entrance is a nice way to welcome your learners.
  • A warm personal greeting sets the tone for a positive experience.
  • Providing name-tags will allow the trainer to address each person by their name and will allow the learners to connect with each other more readily.
  • ECE-TRIS sign in sheets should be available at the registration table.

Do you have optional activities for early birds to work on until the training begins?

  • “Unofficial Start” activities are optional tasks that learners can engage in if they wish to connect with others or to connect with content.
  • Trainers can post options on a PowerPoint, a chart paper or give verbal instructions.