PACES™: Training Outcomes and Roadmap

PACES™ is taught as a component of Fundamentals of Effective Training (FET), providing a systematic approach to developing a training plan, assisting in identifying the training content, and identifying methods and aids to be used in teaching content. Throughout this lesson you will learn more about what PACES™ is and how to use it.

Training Outcomes

Participants will identify what PACES™ stands for.

Participants will describe training strategies that support PACES™.


  • Introduce the PACES™ strategies for writing a training plan.
  • Describe and provide a rationale for each PACES™ strategy in regard to the training session.
  • Provide examples of experiences that support each PACES™ strategy.

[ms_panel title=”PACES” title_color=”#1a72bf” border_color=”#1a72bf ” title_background_color=”#f5f5f5″ border_radius=”0″ class=”” id=””]?Please refer to the FET Handout: Training Design pages 18-19.? [/ms_panel]