3 Components of the Training Plan: Training Outcomes and Roadmap

You have worked your way through the needs assessment, identifying outcomes, the specific steps for outlining content, training methods and training aids to the steps in developing a training plan. You will now cover what a training plan form is, the rationale for using a training plan form and how it supports the trainer’s efforts to design a well-sequenced, well-timed and balanced training session for participants.

Training Outcomes

Participants will identify and define the three components of the Training Plan.
Participants will calculate appropriate time frames for each component.
Participants will describe what training tasks occur within each component.


  • Introduce the three components of a Training Plan.
  • Identify the percentage “range of time” for each component.
  • Introduce the tasks that comprise each component of the Training Plan.
Roadmap Icon

[ms_panel title=”3 Components of the Training Plan” title_color=”#1a72bf” border_color=”#1a72bf ” title_background_color=”#f5f5f5″ border_radius=”0″ class=”” id=””]?Please refer to the FET Handout: Training Design pages 38-47.? [/ms_panel]