Learning Boosts S20

Art Kohn, a professor at Portland State University, developed the idea of BOOSTING the transfer of learning and long- term retention of information through brief, precisely timed Learning Boosts sent to trainees through email and online quizzing or social media platforms as a follow-up to training.

After watching the video and reading the rest of this page, fill in the blanks and take any additional notes on page 8 of the ?handout.

Recommended Types of Learning Boosts

Recognition Boosts: Involve simple recall of information presented during the training. Multiple-choice questions are good for this, but they must be designed to make people think. The answer CANNOT be obvious.

Generative Boosts:  Call for thinking and composing an answer based on information from the training. Fill in the blank or open response questions that require application of knowledge work well for this.

Integrative Boosts: Involve thinking, forming an opinion and sharing it with peers. Open response questions in a chat room environment or a poll where results are shared will get the job done here.

Keep them brief and be sure to provide feedback on how their responses compare to the correct answers or to peer responses.

Effective Timing

  • 2-3 RECOGNITION BOOSTS within 2 days of the training.
  • 2-3 GENERATIVE BOOSTS within 2 weeks of the training.
  • 2-3 INTEGRATIVE BOOSTS 2 months after the training.

This summary of Learning Boost information was created by Beth Robinson.