Kentucky Credentials

There are three different credentials specific to Kentucky.

  • Commonwealth Child Care Credential
  • Director’s Credential
  • Trainer’s Credential

The Trainer’s Credential is the one we will focus on right now. You will have an opportunity to learn more about the Commonwealth Child Care Credential and Director’s Credential during the Professional Development Framework Overview lesson within Training Design.

These credentials were recommended by Professional Development work groups and approved by the Professional Development Council and Early Childhood Development Authority.

Please note that these credentials are not reciprocal with other states.

Trainer’s Credential: Purpose

You may ask “Why does Kentucky even have a Trainer’s Credential?”

The Professional Development Council wanted each trainer’s level of expertise to match up with the content. This system ensures that the level of experience and knowledge a trainer has matches with the content that they will train. This credential process also helps guide new trainers and provides opportunities to practice new skills before addressing an actual audience. Trainers, both new and experienced, can always share ideas with each other to increase the expertise of their fellow trainers.

  • Relate trainer expertise to specific levels of content
  • Give opportunities to grow trainers
  • Increase expertise of trainers

Eligibility Criteria

There are some minimum criteria for eligibility of a Trainer’s Credential. Additional requirements are in place for higher level trainers.

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Minimum of high school diploma/GED
  • Experience in field of early childhood

To see specific requirements please review the Early Care and Education Trainer Credential Grid that is found on page 6 of your ?Handout.

As you can see from the grid there are levels 1 through 5 plus a specialty credential.

Level One (I) is designed for new trainers that may just want to get their feet wet. They may only train as a co-trainer on a single topic of early care and education with a credentialed trainer at a higher training level. Level one is non- renewable.

There is some coursework required for all applicants.

FET is not required for Level 1. Completing Introduction to Resources in Kentucky for Early Childhood Trainers and the Entering Quality Training Data into ECE-TRIS (the cabinet designated data system), are required for all levels and will be discussed in more detail shortly.

You can see the breakdown of each Trainer Level on the grid; Levels 1-5 plus a Specialty Credential. Each level is based on education and experience. A trainer’s level is important because it determines the level of content a trainer is permitted to train on.

You need to pay close attention to the Education and Experience level when trying to figure out the level to apply for. The Trainer’s Credential application will require you to choose a level you are requesting.  You can also find this grid at:

Please take a few minutes to review the grid and start thinking about which level you may fit in the best. Your Regional Training Coach is available to assist with this process.  Contact information for your Regional Training Coach can be located at: