Exercises S20

Participants need the opportunity to try out a new skill and receive feedback during a training session. Providing only handouts, worksheets and /or pictures is not enough to help participants retain knowledge.   Research has shown that participants will not implement new skills if they only hear about them and are told the steps to achieve them.   In order to feel competent and confident enough to perform new skills back in the workplace, participants must practice and receive feedback regarding their efforts.

Exercises are a way to allow participants the opportunity to try out a new skill (some people refer to this as guided practice).

Exercises are:

Planning for and providing opportunities to process new knowledge

Planning for and providing activities to practice new skills and to receive feedback

Exercises happen when the trainer:

Factors in adequate time in the agenda for processing information, practicing skills and sharing/receiving feedback.

You need to know whether participants have a grasp of the knowledge of what and why regarding materials in the learning environment.   In addition participants need to leave your training session with confidence that they have the skills to implement the Workplace Outcome.  To accomplish both of these you must include adequate time for participants to process new information and to practice new skills.  You also need to allow time for feedback and discussion following practice activities.  During exercise and debrief, participants can share a range of reactions and questions that will benefit the groups learning and comprehension of the new skill.