Credential Trainer Conducting Training F19

Issuing Early Care and Education Clock Hours

  • A training shall consist of a minimum of one clock hour per 60 minute period of instruction.
  • Clock hours may increase in 15 minute intervals after that.
  • If breaks are offered during the training, clock hours cannot be offered for the time spent on break.


If you provide a certificate you must ensure that certain information is on it. See example below and refer to your handout for further details. Please note: paper completion certificates are no longer required by credentialed trainers who are entering their own credit for participants into ECE-TRIS.

Entering Data into ECE-TRIS

As a Credentialed Trainer you are required, by regulation, to enter your own training data into ECE-TRIS.  Effective July 1, 2012, all training data must be entered into ECE‐TRIS within 10 calendar days of the training session including the day of the training.

Hard copy documentation must be maintained for three years.  These records may be requested by the Cabinet and copies would have to be submitted to them.

Levels of Training Rubric

As a Credentialed Trainer, you must ensure that you level your trainings and align them with Revised Core Content.

Core Content will be covered extensively within Professional Development Framework.

You will use the Rubric for Classifying Levels of Training/Professional Development for aligning your Training Levels.   

Levels range from one (I) to five (V); entry to mastery tracks.  You will use a needs assessment in preparing training for particular audiences along with the Rubric when determining your specific level for each training.