Creating and Completing an Implementation/Action Plan

There are a host of implementation Plan/Action Plan forms you can find in resource books, from former trainings, and online. You can also create your own form, which allows you to be very specific and thorough. We have provided you with a list of questions to consider when designing an Implementation Plan form. You will find this list of questions in your Transfer of Learning ?handout page 5.  

Important items and questions to consider when developing/creating a useful Implementation Plan/Action Plan form:

  • Identifying information; name, workshop title, outcome (skill/skill-set).
  • The steps I need to take to implement the outcome.
  • Where will I implement my plan?
  • What obstacles stand in my way of implementation?
  • What can I do to reduce/overcome the obstacles?
  • What kind of support do I need?
  • Who will support me in my implementation efforts?
  • When will I evaluate my progress? How many weeks or months out until the trainee reevaluates their progress?

The trainer prepares and disseminates the Implementation Plan and the participants complete and carry out the Implementation Plan. If you want an electronic form of the second Implementation Plan form in the handout, click on the link below. This form may be used as is or you may revise it to fit your specific needs.

Training Implementation Plan component