Copyright, Fair Use and Resources S19

There are vast amounts of information on Copyright, of which we are just addressing the tip of the iceberg. The bottom line is that anytime you use someone else’s work you must give due credit and note your source appropriately. If you create something and want to protect it, you easily can and you should! There is information about Copyright that everyone should be aware of. If you do a Google search and type in ‘copyright cautions’ or ‘copyright basics’ you will be reading for a long time and reading some very interesting information.

Using someone’s idea or protecting your own idea raises issues of Copyright

In your FET ?Handout: page 19, we provide a brief introduction and overview regarding copyright law, fair use and resources. Take some time to read this information.

An additional resource is – online usage of using copyright materials. Go online and check the vast information available regarding copyright.

Next we share cautions, one related to internet use, which are important for you to be aware of.