Component 1: Early Childhood Core Content S20

The Kentucky Early Childhood (EC) Core Content is defined as the specific knowledge, competencies, and characteristics needed by early childhood professionals to work effectively with young children and families. EC Core Content is the foundation for determining training content, course content, and competency standards for professional performance.

The EC Core Content was developed using existing professional resources that put forth standards (i.e., Kentucky Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education programs, Child Development Associate functional area competency standards, Head Start, Family Child Care, American Public Health, National Association for the Education of Young Children, and the Division for Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children).

Appendix A, beginning on pg. 37, outlines Kentucky’s Early Core Content. Core Content consists of 5 levels of training, 7 Core Content Subject Areas, and Competencies relevant to Early Childhood Professionals.

We will not go into detail right now as an in depth look at Core Content will happen in an upcoming lesson. You will also get practice navigating Core Content in the online and face to face components of FET.

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