Before Training Copy

Additional Materials You will Need for the Program

Checklist of Resources for Training 

  • Fax Release Forms 
  • Resources 

Resources for Medical Professionals: Slide 86, Flyer for Information Sessions 

Make sure leave behind materials are high quality, printed on good stock paper and in color.  Instructions for how to refer a family to your org should be included in the materials. Brand your materials. 


  •     National Center/Lettercase brochure​ 
  •     “Understanding a Down Syndrome Diagnosis”​     
  • NDSAN Brochure​ 
  •     Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network Brochure​ 
  • Delivering a Prenatal or Postnatal Diagnosis 
  • Delivering a Diagnosis of Down Syndrome (DSDN) 


  • National Down Syndrome Adoption Network:​ 
  • NDSS, NDSC, and local organizations​ 
  • DSDN 
  1. Benefits of Resources Reviewed and Recommended by National Medical and Advocacy Organizations 
  1. Activity: What are the benefits of using materials that are medically reviewed, accurate, balanced, up-to-date, and featured in journals? Use recording by a medical professional (Meg or Blair)