Training Outcomes and Roadmap

Training Outcomes

Participants will classify evaluation activities into four major levels of evaluation.

Participants will submit an evaluation plan for training they designed during the face to face session.

Participants will describe the purposes of the data analysis process and uses for evaluation information.

Participants will select data analysis processes that can inform them about refinement of one of their training sessions.

Participants will apply key data analysis questions in analyzing a training session to determine the level of refinement needed.


  • Review the purpose of evaluation
  • Identify some pros and cons of evaluation
  • Explore data collection techniques for evaluating effectiveness of training
  • Discuss the three ways data can be used and how that influences analyzing and reporting the data.
  • Identify the four reporting questions that must be asked and answered by the trainer.
  • Identify some reflection questions that guide the creation of Evaluation Forms and support the trainer’s self-reflection of the training session.
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[ms_panel title=”Handout” title_color=”#1a72bf” border_color=”#1a72bf ” title_background_color=”#f5f5f5″ border_radius=”0″ class=”” id=””]?Please refer to the FET Handout: Levels of Evaluation.?[/ms_panel]