Resources and Glossary Copy

DCC Listserv

Join the DCClistserv message system by sending your first and last name and email address to

DCC Website

The new website can assist families and providers with finding all things related to DCC and its programs. Specifically, click on Child Care Assistance Program for Providers then click on the KICCS Provider Portal link. Under the Additional Information section, you will find many useful guides and tip sheets.


The Commonwealth of Kentucky’s space to connect residents with state resources including Medicaid, SNAP, KTAP, KHIP, and CCAP.

KY Childcare Regulations

Kentucky Administrative Regulations for Childcare, including those for CCAP.


What’s that abbreviation stand for again? Here’s a list for you.

  • CCAP – Child Care Assistance Program
  • DCC – Division of Child Care 
  • DRCC – Division of Regulated Child Care
  • FPG – Federal Poverty Guidelines
  • IEES – Integrated Electronic Eligibility System
  • IPV – Intentional Program Violation
  • KICCS – Kentucky Integrated Child Care System
  • KOG – Kentucky Online Gateway
  • KTAP – Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program
  • PBF – Provider Billing Form
  • PPA – Pay Period Adjustments
  • SMI –  State Median Income

Lions and Tigers and Forms, Oh My!

(List of all the mentioned forms in the course)

  • DCC-93 Authorization for Electronic Deposit form
  • DCC-94 Child Care Service Agreement and Certificate
  • DCC-94.1 Child Care Change Notice
  • DCC-94B Licensed or Certified Provider Agreement Form
  • DCC-94C Provider Notification Letter
  • DCC-94E Child Care Daily Attendance Record
  • DCC-97 Provider Billing Form
  • DCC-97 Remittance Report
  • DCC-300 Kentucky Child Care Maximum Payment Rate Chart