Optimal Conditions for Adult Learning S20

As we move through the study of some cognitive and adult learning theory-based approaches to learning that the current research espouses, connect parts of this content back to the information you received in the previous two sections regarding learning and the brain and individual life experiences, culture, and identity.  This will help you to see exactly WHY these approaches to learning are effective.

This look at how to create optimal conditions for adult learning uses significant content and framework that is presented in the online publication and supplemental resources of Learning Styles As A Myth, which was created by the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning at Yale University.

For our purposes as future Early Care and Education trainers, we will look at this information in three main areas: Inclusive Teaching Strategies, Group Work/Collaborative Learning, and Active Learning.


Yale Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learninghttps://poorvucenter.yale.edu/LearningStylesMyth?fbclid=IwAR0dh25BEk1KwthV8ZpcqeaF7b8WZoJpebnhwOdnz61CnaJWqSa1uCACYlg