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Your Training Coach, up to this point, has been working with you and reviewing all uploaded course content.  Please make sure you have followed up with your Coach as needed throughout the course.

Upon successful review of all of your FET assignments and essays you will receive credit within 10 calendar days of the assigned end date of FET, or when you have completed all necessary requirements – whichever is later.  Please note that if you finish all content early, credit will still not be issued until after the official last day of the course.

Please note: completion certificates are not issued.  To verify completion of FET, log on to ECE-TRIS to view your training record. 

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Now it is time to complete your application for your Trainer’s Credential.

Prior to submission of your application please make sure you have completed all three of these trainings:

  • Introduction to Resources in Kentucky for Early Childhood Professionals
  • ECE-TRIS Data Entry
  • Fundamentals of Effective Training.

Before your application can be approved all 3 trainings must be completed.  Once complete all 3 trainings can be found on your ECE-TRIS record within 10 days of completion.

To complete your Trainer’s Credential Application you will need to log onto ECE-TRIS ( and click Trainer Credential Applications.

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You can then either choose to search for an application, if you have already started your Trainer’s Credential Application, or click “Submit Trainer Application”.

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Please note that information is automatically populated based on what has been provided to ECE-TRIS.  Please update any inaccurate or out of date information.

Remember that your Training Coach is also available as a resource to assist you in reviewing your application documents and submitting your application.

Thank you for your participation in FET. Please stay in touch and let us know how we can continue to support you as a credentialed trainer.