Lesson 3b: Getting Prepared: Before, During and After Transition – Three to Six

During this lesson, we will focus on the question:

What is transition and how does it impact a child’s ability to learn?

Transition is:

  • A change from one situation to another.
  • More specifically, transition involves movement or change from one activity, program, service, environment, or situation to another.

These are some examples of transitions:

  • When a child goes from home into an early childhood program for the first time, or
  • When a child goes from receiving First Steps services to attending Kentucky’s preschool program, or
  • When a child moves from child care or Head Start or Preschool into Kindergarten

Although these transitions don’t get a lot of attention, they actually can have a significant impact on your child’s success in school.

And one of the reasons has a lot to do with what stress does to your child’s brain and how it impacts learning!