Lesson 2: Using Polling and Assessment Copy

Why is Polling and Assessment important in training?

How you interact with your audience during your presentation matters. It has, in fact, become a must-have ability in every public speaker’s arsenal. Your participants expect interaction and engagement. They want to participate, not merely observe. One of the most successful ways to do that is live polling. You basically ask your audience a question and they will answer. As simple as that. Taken from:  https://blog.sli.do/5-types-of-polls-to-open-your-presentations-with-15-examples/

Engagement is important because it keeps your participants interested and lively.  It keeps them in a learning mode, wanting to do more.

Assessment is an important part of training, as well, as it helps the trainer to see whether or not the learning objectives have been met. Assessment helps trainers ask questions such as:  “Are we training what we think we are training?” “Are participants learning what they are supposed to be learning?” or “Is there a better way of training the content? 

Assessment also helps:

  • Provide diagnostic feedback
  • Educators set standards
  • Evaluate progress
  • Relate to a student’s progress
  • Motivate performance

Not only does assessment and polling keep the participant engaged, but it can also help on the effectiveness of the course, where learning gaps may exist, and how the participant is progressing. There are two types of assessments.  These are Formative and Summative.