Additional Resources to Support Transfer

Another way we support you in your efforts as a trainer to establish and maintain strong Transfer Partnerships is through this resource list. 

Books: (contact your Training Coach to access these titles and many, many more through our lending library)

  • 50 Creative Training Closures  – Lynn Solem and Bob  Pike; “Action Planning” items
  • Games Trainers Play – John W. Newstrom and Edward E. Scannell; pgs. 293 – 303
  • Making Training Stick – Barbara Carnes and Dora Johnson; pgs. 57 – 90      
  • The Best of Creative Training Techniques – Dave Zielinski; pgs. 81 – 93
  • Trainer’s Bonanza – Eric Jensen; pgs. 105 – 108


  • – website with the mission of helping trainers “make training stick”
    • offers a free e-newsletter called STICKY NOTES with actionable effective training tips
    • contains a free downloadable “white paper” – Training Transfer Technologies – featuring research and reviews of technology tools that can help the transfer of learning process.


This is, by no means, a finite list of resources. However, it is a solid start of resources that offer a wide variety of transfer of learning strategies to implement with trainees.

  • Remember, transfer of training is a partnership between the Trainer, Trainee and the Director/Administrator.
  • Many of the strategies provided by the authors of these resources recognize this partnership and include all three parties in the processes they describe.