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Welcome to Fiscal Training Basics Module 1

This course provides general information regarding financial requirements for the Council.

Course Overview

We will focus on the following: 

  • How councils are funded 
  • Formula Grant 
  • Notice of Award 
  • OGM 
  • Funding Statues and Regulations 
  • Federal Financial reports

With these areas in mind, let’s jump to our learning objectives for the course!

Course Objectives

In this course, you will:  

  1. Identify where Council funding comes from and how it is awarded.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of regulations and requirements needed to receive funding.

Joanne is a new Council member responsible for overseeing funding. You will be working with Joanne to learn more about the funding process and federal requirements for the Council.  

Click on the first lesson below to get started. 

Important Information

  1. It is required to complete each assessment with at least an 80% passing grade. 
  1. Navigate through the course linearly, making sure to select ‘Mark Complete’ at the bottom of each page.  
  1. Use the ‘Contact Us’ portal to troubleshoot and ask questions. Our Help Desk staff will be able to assist you promptly through normal business hours (8AM to 5PM) Monday-Friday. After-hours operations and weekends vary in response times based on staffing availability.