FET 4: Training Design: Professional Development Framework (PDF) Fall 2019

In this course, you will learn about the Professional Development Framework (PDF) that includes the key components to address the needs for Education, Training, and Credentialing of Early Care, Early Intervention, and Early Childhood Education professionals in Kentucky.

Prior to starting the first lesson in this course you should have access to the Professional Development Framework. It will be utilized throughout FET.  Please note this document is 93 pages. If you do not have a pre-printed copy already, you have the option of printing it out or downloading the document for future reference.

To access the document please click on the following link. 


Handouts Reminder

📝Handouts for all sections of FET: Training Design (Courses 4-8) are found in 1 single handout. This handout can be found under “Handouts” in FET 1: FET and Trainer Credential Overview. If you did not already print off a copy, you can print a copy off below:📝