ECE 010: ECOOL Early Care Orientation Online (ECOOL) (6 hours)

This online course fulfills the mandatory 6-hour orientation requirement for early care and education professionals in Kentucky.

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Orientation training consists of three lessons:

  • Health, safety & sanitation – 2 hours
  • Recognizing and reporting child abuse and neglect – 1 hour
  • Recommended practices in early care and education – 3 hours

Learners should have access to a printer for copies of supplemental handouts and other information that they may want to keep.

All activities must be completed in all three modules for a certificate to be awarded. Except for non-graded activities (NG); which pertain to your experiences or your work environment), activities must be completed at 80% or better correct rate. Activities may be redone until at least 80% correct is achieved.

Upon successful completion of the course, a Recognition of Course Completion will display within the course. In addition, your personal training record will be updated in ECE-TRIS within 10 days.

ECE-TRIS Registry: Kentucky’s Early Childhood Education Training Records Information System (ECE-TRIS) is a centralized database that tracks and stores individual training records. As a new early care and education professional please be sure to set up an account in ECE-TRIS so that all of your training hours are tracked through this system. To register, complete the ECE-TRIS Personal Information Form. This form should be faxed or mailed into the address listed on the form, or submitted online in the course.

Target Audience: early care and education professionals in Kentucky.

Hours: 6, early care and education

Course Content

Lessons Status

START HERE: Introduction to ECOOL


Lesson 1.1: Health, Safety & Sanitation


Lesson 1.2: Health


Lesson 1.3: Safety


Lesson 1.4: Sanitation


Lesson 2.1: Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect


Lesson 2.2: Identify Child Abuse


Lesson 2.3: Preparing for Child Abuse


Lesson 2.4: Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect


Lesson 3.1: Recommended Practices in Early Care and Education


Lesson 3.2: Child Development


Lesson 3.3: Guidance


Lesson 3.4: Planning


Lesson 3.5: Transitions


Lesson 3.6: My Classroom


Course Conclusion